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What is the kramp cc website

Current mirrors on the main market of the KRAKEN darknet

What is the good of the KRAKEN ONION website

Kraken is an online shopping mall of the darknet, which can only be accessed from a Tor browser. Here they sell goods that are difficult to find on other sites, and maybe impossible at all. Registered users have the right to select a certain position, make a payment and arrange its delivery to their city. You can purchase goods at any time of the day or night.

The new Kramp website sells exclusively high-quality goods, which are regularly checked by the secret buyers service. If a store conducts dishonest activities and users complain about it, such a store is blocked, and its owner receives a fine.

Useful tips from the administrators of the KRAMP Onion portal

1.When making purchases, always pay attention to the reviews of previous customers. Thanks to this information, you can find out the truth about the quality of the goods, the methods and time of delivery of the goods, as well as about the level of service;
2.Confirmation of the purchase must be made only after confirmation of the quality, otherwise a refund is not possible;
3.Do not skimp on reviews in order to help other customers in the future;
4.Use a username and password not previously used on other resources, so you can protect yourself from hacking.